Tuesday, February 20, 2018

INTRODUCING TORCHY by Bill Ward (1946)

This is Torchy's first comic book appearance, from Doll Man Quarterly #8, Spring 1946, uploaded to comicbookplus by Henry Peters (thanks Henry!). Art and story by Bill Ward, who created the character for an Army newspaper strip in 1944.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

MIGHTY MOUSE PLAYHOUSE: A Fight to the Finish (1947)

Here's one of the best Mighty Mouse classics, with the Mouse of Tomorrow saving Pearl Pureheart from Oil Can Harry. Be sure to hiss and cheer at the appropriate moments.

Original art by Art Bartch

Friday, February 16, 2018

Forgotten Books: SHILOH by James Reasoner (1999)

The illustrious author
Book 2 of the Civil War Battle series introduces us to Coriolanus Troilus Brannon, the middle brother of the Brannon clan, and is mostly about him. Cory begins the story as a seedy, sotten, no-account wharf rat, despondent for having failed in his plans to make it big in the West. The West (to a Virginian) is New Madrid, MO, on the Mississippi River. As our story progresses, Cory becomes a riverboatman, finds self-respect, earns friends, learns to fight, finds courage and meets his lady love. And just when things are really looking up for him, the war comes rolling in and hands him a fistful of woe.
The author's illustrious ancestor, Gen. J.M. Reasoner, C.S.A.. Remarkable resemblance, ain't it?
The author's illustrious ancestor, General J.M.
Reasoner, C.S.A.. Remarkable resemblance, ain't it?

On his way to an appointment with destiny at the Battle of Shiloh, Cory in involved in the engagements at Fort Henry and Fort Donaldson. One of the coolest battle scenes involves two Southern riverboats equipped with 18-pounders versus a squadron of Union gunboats, some of them ironclads.

Cory begins the fight at Shiloh as an infantryman and finishes riding with Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest's cavalry, and even manages to save Forrest's life. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or in this case, farm) Titus Brannon is drowning his sorrows in moonshine. He has seemingly lost the rich girl of his dreams and is sliding downhill so fast he might as well be on a skateboard. Brother Mac is chasing  a ghost horse (not really, but that's how he thinks of it), Sister Cordelia is being her sweet, moralistic self, and Mother Abigail is showing signs of regret for having banished her eldest son Will. Will is having his own troubles in the Federal army. His fellow officers look down their aristocratic noses at him, and his sergeant (a guy he routinely arrested for drunkenness in his previous life as a sheriff), can't keep his hands off the bottle.

There's plenty of great storytelling here (360 pages worth), and I'm looking forward to the next volume (of ten!), Antietam.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

BILL CRIDER SINGS with The Next Edition (2010-11)







Wednesday, February 14, 2018

BILL CRIDER SINGS with the Fabulous G-Strings (2006-ish)


The Fabulous G-Strings, I deduce, were mostly or entirely teachers and administrators at Alvin Community College (of Alvin, TX, natch). The school lists "Allen Bill Crider" (real name "Billy," I believe) as Div. Chair, English & Fine Arts, Emeritus. Don't be put off by the squeezed images - the videos themselves are in proper perspective.







I'M LOOKIN' OVER A FOUR-LEAF CLOVER (with different lyrics)

THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN (with different lyrics)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON, etc. Part 13 (2016-17)

Bill passed away yesterday, leaving me incredibly sad. I began this series of posts as a way of celebrating his life, and will continue with this final collection of photos, followed by two days of Bill's music. No tribute to this man could ever be sufficient, but it's the best I can do. I'm going to miss the hell out of him.

2016 - Sonoma, CA (Neary residence)
photos by Art Scott

Proud additions to his book collection

 with daughter Angela

hanging with Bruce Taylor

2016 - New Orleans

with Angela Crider Neary

with George and Diane Kelley, Jeff Meyerson, Deb Pfeifer and Jackie Meyerson
(from George's blog)

Left to right: Joe Lansdale, SJ Rozan, Lawrence Block, Catherine Coulter, Bill
(video posted by Lawrence Block)

with Jane Waterhouse, Craig Faustus Buck, Jeff Sanderson, Phoef Sutten, Robin Burcell and Lee Goldberg
(posted to Pinterest by Lee)

with Christa Faust
(pic by Jeff Meyerson)

Christa again, as Bill and Lee Goldberg look on
(this photo and the next three by Art Scott)

with (left to right) Jeff and Jackie Meyerson, Ann and Jeff Smith, Maggie Mason

Bill's friend and fan Thom Walls waits in line for an autograph

and gets it

2017 - Sonoma (Neary residence)
Thanks again to Art Scott

 with Tom and Angela Crider Neary

 with Bruce Taylor, Janet Rudolph and Art Scott

 with Frank Rudolph and Bruce

 the whole gang (except Art)
a satisfied man

2017 - Toronto

with Toni L.P. Kelner, Dana Cameron, G.M. Malliet, Janet Hutchings, Angela Crider Neary, Charlaine Harris, Paula Woldan and Brendan DuBois
(from the Fire Star Press blog)

with Angela and Dana Cameron
(from Something is Going to Happen)

with Frankie Bailey and Dana Cameron (front), Radha Vatsal, Catriona McPherson and Kenneth Wishnia (back)
(this and the following pics from the Fire Star Press blog)

 Mystery's Ambassador to Canada

standing really tall

Tomorrow: Bill and the Fabulous G-Strings

Monday, February 12, 2018

BILL CRIDER goes to BOUCHERCON, etc. Part 12 (2014-15)

Photos sources noted when known (or remembered)

2014 - Sonoma (Neary residence)

Bill and Bruce Taylor see something of interest

Judy wonders what it is

and finds that boys never stop being boys
(Arturo Scott, Paparazzo Supreme) 

2015 - Raleigh

with Lee Goldberg (from Lee's blog)

with Linda Landrigan, Josh Pachter and Janet Hutchings 
(from Something Is Going To Happen)

with Karin Slaughter, Megan Abbott and Lawrence Block
(pics above and below from The Rap Sheet)

with Ali Karim 

with Angela Crider Neary, Patti Abbott, George Kelley, Ted Fitzgerald, Thom Walls, Phil Abbott and Jackie Meyerson 
(from Bill's blog, photo by Jeff Meyerson)

 with Kaye Wilkinson Barley
(above and below from Kaye's blog)

with Lesa Holstine

2015 - Pronzini residence

Bill, Bruce and Bill

and all the books . . .

. . . in the world
(shot by Art Scott)